Best Home Defense Gun

Ever wonder what the best home defense weapon for you would be? Somebody may have recommended you use a pump action 12 gauge shotgun such as a Remington 870. The truth is handguns and autoloading rifles are also excellent choices. Long guns have more takedown power than handguns. A good autoloading shotgun will have superior recoil absorption and firing speed compared to the pump, but it is important to find a weapon that loads and cycles reliably. Handguns are more compact, can be easily be fired with one hand, and are much easier to find space to store for emergency use.

Your main gun safe typically takes a long time to open. Sometimes up to ten seconds or more. This should be used to keep your unloaded hunting rifles, hunting shotguns, expensive antiques, and anything you don’t need quick access to. Remember the typical hunter’s gun safe is designed to be nearly impossible to break into, but it isn’t ideal for quick access to your weapons. I personally recommend that you own both a hunter’s safe and some tactical quick access gun safes manufactured by Barska. This will keep unauthorized persons and young children away from your guns while also giving you the benefit of speedy retrieval. A few seconds could be the difference between life and death in a home invasion.

It’s a good idea to keep quick access gun safes for loaded long guns or loaded handguns in multiple rooms of your house and it’s also a good idea to keep a handgun holstered to your body while at home. Having a weapon mounted light is a must for positive target identification. You don’t want to accidentally shoot a member of your own household. I recommend using optics that can be left on for years without changing the battery. Consider using a Trijicon RMR mounted on your handguns or an Aimpoint red dot sight for your long guns.

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