Armasight Discovery 5x Gen 2 White Phosphor QS Night Vision Bi-Ocular MFR # NSBDISCOV5QGDI1


Intended for night observations, the Discovery 5x Gen 2 QS Night Vision Bi-Ocular from Armasight features a 2nd generation intensifier tube and a large 5x objective lens. The Armasight second generation intensifier tube technology incorporates a microchannel plate, multi-alkaline photocathode, built-in power supply, and 18 mm format screen, which improve reliability, image brightness, and quality compared to first generation devices. The white phosphor Quick Silver (QS) device offers black and white images with resolution of 47 – 54 lp/mm. The Armasight Discovery is equipped with Automatic Brightness Control (ABC), which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image tube to achieve the highest quality image resolution under varying light conditions. The Bright Light Cut-off function will protect the intensifier tube from overexposure to sudden bright light or accidental exposure to daylight.

The lens system with an F-number of f/1.5 and a focal lengths of 108mm provides a wide aperture for collecting night light and improves visibility. To enable you to make long range night observations or improve visibility and image brightness in complete darkness, this night vision device includes a XLR-IR850 infrared illuminator for additional illumination of your targets. The illuminator is detachable and includes a rechargeable battery and a charger. To help you reduce image jitter due to shaking of hands, which becomes significant at higher magnifications, the bi-ocular can be attached to a 1/4″-20 tripod. The optical system also offers a 9.5° angular field of view, a 33′ minimum focus distance, and a -5 to +5 diopter adjustment. The is powered by one CR123A battery.

The lightweight and durable housing is resistant to water, shock, and extreme temperatures. It also features one accessory mounting point on the top, a wide winged eyecups, and a tethered objective lens cover.

Intensifier Tube and Illuminator 2nd generation intensifier tube
Quick Silver (QS) white phosphor technology provides black and white images
Resolution of 47 – 54 lp/mm
XLR-IR850 detachable infrared Illuminator included
Use and Handling ABC-Automatic brightness control
Bright light cut-off
Automatic Shut-off System
Low battery LED indicator
Optical Performance Multicoated optics
Magnification: 5x
Lens system: 108mm, f/1.5
Field of view: 9.5°
Close focus: 33′
Construction Details Mountable to 1/4″-20 tripod
Withstands extreme temperatures
Winged rubber eyecups
Tethered objective cover
Water resistant
Fog resistant



Product Highlights
-2nd Gen, White Phosphor QS
-Resolution: 47 – 54 lp/mm
-ABC-Automatic Brightness Control
-XLR-IR850 Detachable IR Illuminator
-5x Magnification/9.5° AFOV
-108mm, f/1.5 Multicoated Lens System
-Bright Light Cut-Off/Auto Shut-Off
-33′ Minimum Focal Distance
-Wide Rubber Eyecups/Tethered Lens Cap
-Mountable to 1/4″-20 Tripod


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