Barnes Bullets 45180 50 Cal .451″ 250gr TMZ BT +Sab/24 Mfg# 30598

$36.63 $27.21


The Spit-Fire TMZ shares the same boattail design and 100 percent copper construction with the Spit-Fire MZ, but has a streamlined polymer tip for faster expansion. Higher ballistic coefficient aids exceptional long-range performance. Remains intact at extreme velocities, yet expands at only 1050 fps. Specially designed sabot for a tight gas seal that makes the MZ, Spit-Fire MZ and Spit-Fire TMZ the most accurate muzzleloader bullets on the market.


– Outstanding Accuracy
– Polymer Tip
– Higher Ballistic Coefficient
– Rapid Expansion
– Recommended for In-Line Rifles


– Caliber: .50
– Diameter: .451
– Weight: 250 Grains
– Length: 1.102″
– Sectional Density: 0.176
– Ballistic Coefficient at 100 Yards: 0.210
– Quantity: Per 24 100% Replacement guarantee from defects


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