Barnett G350C Crossbow Package

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Barnett G350C Crossbow Package

    • Extremely fast speeds up to 350 fps
    • Carbon riser and composite flight track
    • Pass-through foregrip and finger reminders
    • Laminated limbs maximize durability

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Barnett’s G350C Crossbow Package enhances your hunting speed, range and accuracy. Extremely fast crossbow fires bolts at 350 fps. Carbon riser and composite flight track maximize performance while keeping weight to a minimum. Ultratough laminated limbs. Finger reminders and pass-through foregrip helps keep your hands and fingers in the proper places. Equipped with a 4×32 scope for pinpoint accuracy at farther distances. Comfortable soft-touch grip.
Speed: 350 fps.
Power stroke: 14.2″.
Draw wt: 165 lbs.
Length: 36.25″.
Width: 19.5″ cocked; 22.5″ uncocked.
Wt: 7.1 lbs.; with accessories: 8.3 lbs.
Camo pattern: HD Camo.

Barnett G350C Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, 4×32 scope, three 20″ bolts, quiver, rope-cocking device, lubewax.

2 reviews for Barnett G350C Crossbow Package

  1. Daniel Fiscus

    Nice crossbow little big but does the job good we have killed 3 deer this year only one ran about 50 yards before going down other two went right down

  2. Kenneth Hahn

    This is an amazing cross bow. 30 yards only got about 1 in of drop. I use the top line for everything and its quiet. I killed about 7 deer so far with it. Getting a pass through shot is guaranteed! I literally shot through both shoulders and stuck in the frozen ground 6 inches. I freaking love barnett and this crossbow. And barnetts customer service is next to none. They gave me a brand new x bow after 3 years of shooting the hell out of my old one. Cams went bad and dug into the limbs so called em up, sent it in and 3 weeks later I got this monster.

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