Barska Compact Biometric Safe with Biometric Access MFR # AX11620


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Value: $80.00
Smith Optics Aegis Arc Compact Protective Eyewear – Field Kit (Black)
Product Highlights
Biometric Access: 30 Fingerprints Max
Motorized Lock/Two Steel Deadbolts
Steel Construction
For Jewelry/Documents/Pistols
Silent Access Feature
Floor Mat Protects From Scratching
Mountable to Wall/Shelf/Countertop
Two Emergency Backup Keys
Power: 4 x AA Batteries



With two deadbolts, a motorized lock, and a steel housing, you can trust the Barska Compact Biometric Safe to safeguard your valuables like jewelry, documents, cash, and compact firearms. The safe does not require you to memorize codes or to carry extra keys. It utilizes biometric identification technology that optically scans your fingerprint and unlocks the safe. The memory can hold up to 30 unique fingerprints allowing a maximum of 30 people to have equal access to the safe. In case you need emergency access to the contents in case of fire or emergency evacuation and no authorized persons are present, you can use the included backup keys to retrieve the contents. The housing is made of steel and provides pre-drilled holes for mounting to a wall, shelf, or countertop. Also included is an inner floor mat to prevent scratching of contents, anchors and screws to mount the safe, and four AA batteries to power the lock.
Motorized lock with two steel deadbolts and a steel housing
Ideal for safeguarding jewelry, documents, handguns
Biometric technology allows for quick access without memorizing number codes
30 fingerprint memory offers multiple users access to the contents
Silent access feature allows secretly reaching for a weapon in an emergency situation
Inner floor mat protects pistol finish from scratching
Mountable to wall, shelf, countertop via holes and included mounting kit


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