Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe MFR # AX11780


Includes Free
Value: $80.00
Smith Optics Aegis Arc Compact Protective Eyewear – Field Kit (Black)
Product Highlights
Fingerprint Recognition Technology
120 Fingerprint Memory
Silent Access Mode
Five-Point Deadbolt Locking System
Secondary Access Keys
Three Removable Shelves
Removable 16 Position Rack
Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
Steel Construction, Fully Lined Interior



The Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe from Barska is accessible using a technologically advanced fingerprint identification system. This safe’s biometric device features an optical scanner that analyzes the scanned fingerprint and compares it to unique characteristics of those stored in the device’s 120-fingerprint memory. A standard key lock provides secondary access, which works independently of the biometric scanner.
In addition to the fingerprint recognition technology, this safe is secured by a five-point deadbolt made of one-inch steel locks. Inside, the safe has an adjustable 16-rack and three removable shelves that allow the user to configure the safe to their liking. Pre-drilled holes and included hardware allow the safe to be securely mounted to the floor or wall. Access the Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe with the touch of a finger; no need to find a key or remember a combination under duress.
Biometric Fingerprint Technology
Optical scanning technology provides advanced security and enables near-immediate access to valuables.
Locking System
The five-point deadbolt uses one-inch steel locks.
Silent Access Mode
Mute the safe’s access notification for silent operation.
Secondary Access
Two included back-up keys allow emergency access in case the batteries are drained or the fingerprint ID is not recognized.
Powder coated steel safe has pre-drilled anchor points for secure mounting.


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