Browning® The Beast Gun Safe Matte Black


Browning® The Beast Gun Safe

    • Pry-Stop end bolts extend deep into the 12-gauge steel body
    • Force Deflector Locking System prevents bolt or handle forces
    • Chromed 1″-dia. locking bolts on three sides of the door
    • ThermaBlock fire protection resists 1,400°F heat for 60 minutes
Browning’s The Beast Gun Safe is the latest addition to their Heavyweight line. Extra-wide interior locks up your long guns, handguns, jewelry and important documents behind a virtually impenetrable barrier against fire and theft. Spacious interior holds up to 56 long guns between the high-capacity barrel rack and the DPX storage system on the door panel, while the adjustable cantilevered modular shelving provides a variety of storage configurations, eliminating the need for vertical shelf support. Pry-stop end bolts extend into the 12-gauge steel body more than 1.5 times deeper than traditional bolts and attach to angle iron, preventing thieves from bending the support bar in prying attacks. Force Deflector™ Locking System uses a rotating cam device to prevent bolt or handle forces from reaching the SecuRam electronic lock. Chromed 1″-dia. locking bolts on three sides of the 1″ formed, inner-plated door, including at the top and bottom corners, provide additional protection. ThermaBlock fire protection prevents up to 1,400°F heat from reaching your valuables for up to 60 minutes. Eight total locking bolts, five active locking bolts. Elevated floor protects gun stocks. Includes a quality matte-black finish, three-spoke black chrome handle, beige fabric interior, 1″ insulation in the door and body,  and 1.5″ in the ceiling. Storage options include four barrel racks, two pistol racks and eight shelves.
Exterior: 58″H x 44″W x 27″D.
Interior: 54″H x 41″W x 20″D.
Wt: 770 lbs.


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