CCI 9mm 115gr FMJ Blazer Brass Mfg# 5200


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CCI Blazer has always been a great value. Blazer Brass is loaded in conventional brass cases that reload like any other. CCI has extended the experience in high-tech case-making to include brass, and you reap the benefits.

Blazer Brass is loaded with full-jacket bullets with a protected base. And heres the great news: Blazer Brass is priced to compete with imports, but is 100 percent American-made. American labor, American components, and American quality go into every round. Why buy ammo from a country youve never heard of when you can get great performance in affordable ammo made in the USA

Features & Benefits:
– Reloadable brass cases with standard Boxer primer pockets
– Protected-base FMJ bullets for clean shooting
– Clean-burning American propellants
– CCI primers, also American made
– Backed by ISO-certified quality systems
– Made in America

– Practice/training
– Target shooting

– Caliber: 9mm Luger
– Weight: 115
– Bullet Type: FMJ RN

Velocity, ft/sec:
– Muzzle: 1125
– 50 Yards: 1044
– 100 Yards: 983

Energy, ft-lbs:
– Muzzle: 323
– 50 Yards: 278
– 100 Yards: 247

Maximum Ordinate if sighted at 100 yards: 3.7 inches Warranted against manufacturers defects.


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