Darton® Toxin 180 SS Crossbow Package


Darton® Toxin 180 SS Crossbow Package

    • Fires bolts up to 400 fps
    • High-energy DualSync cam system
    • Dual string suppressors
    • 3-lb. trigger pull
With a high-energy DualSync cam system and aggressive draw cycle, Darton’s Toxin 180 SS Crossbow Package fires 400-gr. bolts at blistering speeds up to 400 fps. Dual string suppressors ensure your shot remains whisper-quiet. Also features trackless aluminum barrel, anti-dry-fire safety, rifle-style rotating safety, barrel dampener, Sims LimbSaver® technology, oversized foot stirrup and soft touch finish. 3-lb. trigger pull. Standard forearm. Includes sling studs.
Speed: 400 fps.
Power stroke: 17.75”.
Draw wt: 185 lbs.
Length: 33.5”.
Width: 20.88″ cocked, 24.38” uncocked.
Wt: 7.8 lbs.; with accessories 9.5 lbs.
Camo pattern: Next Camo® G1 Vista™.

Darton Toxin 180 SS Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, 4×32 scope, scope rings, Lynx four-arrow black quiver, E-Z Draw cocking rope, crossbow rail lube, three carbon crossbow arrows.


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