EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight (Tan) MFR # EXPS3-0TAN


Short and sweet – the tan L-3 EOTech EXPS3-0 holographic red-dot sight provides rapid heads-up-both-eyes-open target acquisition. Sporting a shortened form factor like the original XPS3, The EXPS3-0 also boasts a repeatable quick release throw-lever mount.

Because it’s powered by a single transverse-mounted CR123A battery, the EXPS3 is shorter than the N and AA battery versions – yet it delivers the same parallax-free sighting capabilities. This sight requires a mere 2.75″ of rail space, and the battery compartment is raised to accommodate the Delta Ring of most M16/AR15 platform firearms. The base is configured with a 7.0mm rise to accommodate hand guards and instant access to BUIS. The battery cap is a simple screw-type cover that’s o-ring sealed and tethered to the housing.

The control buttons have been placed on the left side of the rugged aluminum housing for ease of operation with a rear-mounted night vision device. The illuminated reticle is configured with a 65 MOA circle and a single 1 MOA dot – the illumination system provides the operator with 30 brightness levels to choose from, 10 of which are compatible with night vision gear.

Designed for today’s high-tech battlefield; the EXPS3-0 is submersible to a depth of 33′, and the QR throw-lever mount is repeatable to 2 MOA after remounting. The rear window is a 3/16″ thick shatterproof laminate with anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings, and the front lens is 1/8″ solid glass. Because the optical system is based upon transmission holography, parallax error is not an issue – a mission-critical feature that can save your hams when the mayonnaise hits the fan.



Includes Free
Olight I3E EOS Flashlight (Black)
Value: $9.99

Product Highlights

Illuminated Circle w/ 1 MOA Dot Reticle
Holographic Red-Dot Sight
Quick Release Throw-Lever Mount
Night Vision Compatible
7.0mm Raised Base
Left-Side Buttons
Submersible – 33.0′
Powered by 1 CR123A Battery
Made in the USA


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