EOTech HHS I EXPS3-4 HWS 2015 Edition with G33.STS Magnifier MFR # HHS I


EOTech's Holographic Hybrid Sight II or HHS II EXPS3-4 HWS with G33.STS Magnifier bundles a compact and versatile holographic weapon sight with a 3x magnifier to increase the sight's usable range.

The EXPS3 is built to conserve rail space while enabling rapid both-eyes-open sighting and tracking in a variety of conditions. This model's reticle features a 68 MOA outer ring with four 1 MOA aiming dots on the lower vertical axis that provides a center aiming dot for close range and convenient holdover dots allowing its use at medium and long range with the magnifier. The reticle has 30 brightness levels: 20 for daytime operations from dawn to dusk, and 10 additional settings that are compatible the Gen I/II/III night vision devices.

The G33.STS magnifier provides a 3x power to increase the usable range of the sight and features the Switch-to-Side functionality which allows the user to move the magnifier to the side for close to mid-range use and quickly move it into place in front of the sight to engage and long-range. All this is done without having to remove the magnifier from the rail, for fast transitions.

Both the sight and magnifier are submersible and come with integrated Picatinny/Weaver quick-release rail mounts for easy removal and re-mounting.



Includes Free Value: $9.99

Olight I3E EOS Flashlight (Black)

Product Highlights

68 MOA Ring, Quad Aiming Dots
Red Illumination, One CR123 Battery
30 Intensity Levels, NVD Compatible
0.5 MOA per Click Correction
+/-40 MOA Windage/Elevation Adjustment
3x G33.STS Magnifier
Quick Release Picatinny/Weaver Mounts
Submersible and Fog Resistant
Made in the USA


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