Hornady 45Cal Sabot/40C 200gr SST/ML Mfg# 67132

$16.40 $12.18


This line of black powder bullets raises the bar for muzzleloading performance to a height never dreamed before. By combining the Super Shock Tip (SST) premium polymer tip with a sabot, Hornady has truly brought centerfire performance to the black powder hunt.

The sabot allows you to use a lighter caliber bullet for longer shots, while the SST point improves the ballistic coefficient for a faster, flatter flight. And, like the other SST bullets, the polymer tip initiates expansion on impact, giving these muzzleloading projectiles the ability to gouge a wide, deep wound channel for improved terminal performance.

You can shoot your muzzleloading rifle with less recoil, and deliver a projectile that penetrates better, retains more of its weight, and offers better sectional density (the ratio of the bullet’s retained weight to its expanded diameter). It all adds up on to a deadlier, more accurate blackpowder shooting experience.

Sabots With Bullets:
45 Caliber Sabot
w/40 Caliber, 200 Grain SST/ML
Super Shock Tip Muzzle Loading
Boxed: 20 No risk, lifetime warranty.


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