Hornady 54 Cal 425gr Maxiball/20 Mfg# 6630

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Great Plains bullets are made especially for hunting. Their three-diameter bearing surface makes them easy to load, yet assures a tight fit in the bore. The small base diameter makes the bullet easy to start and the larger top diameter imbeds in the grooves of the rifling. Upon firing, the thin skirt of the hollow base expands to engage the rifling and seal the bore. This design makes the Great Plains bullet both deadly and accurate in more types of muzzleloaders.

54 Caliber
425 Grain
HB-HP Hollow Base, Hollow Point
Per Box: 20 No risk, lifetime warranty.

1 review for Hornady 54 Cal 425gr Maxiball/20 Mfg# 6630

  1. mike ward

    excellent for killing elk good soft lead rapid expansion and plenty of weight to make a humane 1 shoot kill. have taken 2 cows and my big bull with this bullet. the bull and 1 cow died where they were shoot 1 cow was too long of a shoot 250 yards it went about 100 yards with a double lung shoot. very accurate. am pushing it with 97 grains of goex 2 f black powder they start wandering when i hit 100 grains in my rifles.

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