Leupold 6×22 GX-4i2 Laser Rangefinder MFR # 119088


The 6×22 GX-4i2 Laser Rangefinder from Leupold combines a Class 1 eye-safe IR laser with a useful multicoated monocular to create an effective and waterproof tool for any golf outing. The GX-4i2 has multiple proprietary systems to improve your game and accurately get you to the pin. Tools such as the Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine, PinHunter2, Prism Lock and Fog Mode all help to ensure that you sight the correct target and get an accurate range. The PinHunter2 and Prism Lock systems have upgraded hardware and software for faster detection and acquisition with greater range and precision.

The GX-4i2 comes with Leupold's True Golf Range (TGR) and Club Selector systems. TGR uses the range from DNA, a built-in inclinometer, and the temperature and altitude, to give an adjusted the range taking the distance and shot angle into account. Club Selector takes the TGR information, and your striking strength and recommends appropriate clubs.

The quick-set menu provides fast and easy one-handed access to all of the GX-4i2 features and options. Select one of three reticle patterns that fit your references or the situation. A spot mode lets you range to a stationary target, and the continuous-scan mode allows you to track moving targets. Choose to have distances displayed in yards or meters. The battery status indicator continuously shows the available power, while an auto power-off feature conserves it.

The bright yellow Smart Key locking face plate allows the inclinometer, TRG and Club Selector to be used only when attached; otherwise these features will be disabled. This is useful if the course, or people you are playing with, prohibit their use. The bright yellow color makes it instantly known if it's being used or not. With the Smart Key in place, the rangefinder is USGA legal under section 14-3.

An Organic LED provides clear and bright images by reflecting the display information into the optical path. Projecting the information eliminates LCD display films often used in rangefinders that can interfere with light transmission, which reduces image brightness. When using the GX-4i2 as a traditional monocular, with the display turned off, the OLED will not affect the views, unlike traditional display films.


Roof prism
6x magnification
22mm objective lens
Multicoated optics
320' linear field of view at 1000 yards
Angular field of view of 6°
3.6mm exit pupil
16mm eye relief
Maximum range to a reflective target/prism: 800 yd
Maximum distance to a pin: 450 yd


Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine delivers measurement resolution to 1/10th yard in under 1 second
Smart Key locking face plate enables TGR and Club Selector when attached
True Golf Range (TGR) displays an adjusted range based on distance, shot angle, temperature, altitude, and the unique ballistics of a golf ball
Prism Lock looks for, and locks-on to, the highly reflective prisms set up at key points on certain courses and at the top of pins
PinHunter filters out background interference and ensures the range to the pin, not what's behind it
Quick-set menu provides fast and easy one-handed access to all of the GX-4i features and options
Club Selector recommends clubs based on TGR and your specific striking distances
Fog mode filters out false readings that can be caused by fog and rain droplets
Improvements to the Prism Lock and PinHunter2 hardware and software makes detection and acquisition faster than the earlier version, with greater range and accuracy

Use and Handling

Spot and continuous-scan modes
Measurements in yards or meters
Accurate to within ±0.5 yard
Three selectable reticle patterns
Auto power-off after 5 seconds
Battery power status indicator


Aluminum body
Rubberized Armor
Organic LED display
Fold-down rubber eyecups

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Includes Free Value: $9.99

Olight I3E EOS Flashlight (Black)

Product Highlights

6x Magnification
22mm Objective Lens
Eye-Safe Class 1 IR Laser
PinHunter and Prism Lock Systems
TGR and Club Selector Functions
Spot, Continuous-Scan and Fog Modes
Measurements in Meters or Yards
Battery Power Status Indicator
Accurate to ±0.5 Yard
USGA Legal Smart Key Locking Face Plate


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