Open Country Food Drying With An Attitude,Book Mfg# MB-1



Mary T. Bell has traveled all over North and Central America teaching others the secrets of food drying. Now, her thirty years of food drying experience can be yours in Food Drying with an Attitude. It’s a book for everyone who is looking to eat healthier and cheaper, wishing to expand their dietary horizons, and for those who believe in finding ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Food Drying with an Attitude by Mary T. Bell encourages readers to use dried foods all year. Vegetarians, hunters, gardeners, fishermen, gourmet cooks, and even fast-food enthusiasts will find inspirational ways to enjoy their favorite foods.


– Create unique gifts such as: mint leaf candy, homemade paper, vegetable wreaths, soap, homemade candles, and potpourris.
– Make dry fruit and vegetable purees – everything from applesauce to thick liquids such as spaghetti sauce and vegetable soup.
– Prepare lightweight, portable dried foods.
– Treat your pets with homemade goodies.
– Integrate dried foods into cooking and baking to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner tastier and healthier.
– Make jerky, fruit roll-ups, herbs, bread, jelly, and much, much more!
– Learn how food dehydrators work.


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