Zeiss 10×32 Victory T* FL Binocular (Black) MFR # 52 32 31


Zeiss’ 10×32 Victory T* FL binocular is the epitome of optical excellence. From any measurement of greatness it succeeds admirably, a tool bereft of weakness which becomes so intuitive with use as to functionally disappear from the user’s mindset. This should be the goal of any binocular-to be the invisible conduit to great viewing of the subject. Its 10×32 configuration provides dramatically-close subjects in a size that you’ll be able to carry almost anywhere.

The optics of the 10×32 Victory T* FL were created with elements of abnormal partial dispersion, a chunk of gobbledygook easily translating to the observer as the theoretical limit of razor sharp imagery free of color shift or chromatic aberration, the dreaded bane of bargain binoculars. When focusing upon a flat subject, the image is as sharp at the edges of the enormous viewing field as it is at the center. The broad focusing range goes from end to end in just a single rotation of the center focus dial, which also houses the dioptric correction.

The 10×32 Victory T* FL, like all ultra-premium European crafted binoculars, is not for the frugally minded. It is instead a product intentionally designed to deliver awe-inspiring optical and mechanical brilliance, and for many the lifetime of expected performance from such a device quickly amortizes its high initial investment.

Lightweight, durable fiber-reinforced polymer body

Abbe-Koenig roof prisms

Twist-lock eyecups with 4 detented stops for perfect eye placement

Closest focusing capacity and longest eye relief of all premium 10×32 binoculars

±4 Dioptric correction

52-74mm Interpupillay adjustment range

Exclusive Zeiss LotuTec Lens Coating

Borrowing a natural principle from the lotus flower, Zeiss’ LotuTec has been incorporated in Zeiss eyeglass lenses and is now upon the Victory T* FL line. Dirt, grease & water cannot easily attach to the lens, permitting less dirt buildup over time and simplified cleaning.

Warranty Coverage That Retains Value

Zeiss’ Lifetime Transferrable Warranty protects the value of your investment like no other company. As long as the binocular was sold by an authorized USA Zeiss dealer they are under warranty for whoever owns them, and this makes the unfortunate prospect of parting with your 10×32 Victory T* FL a less painful experience.



Includes Free

Value: $80.00
.- Smith Optics Aegis Arc Compact Protective Eyewear – Field Kit (Black)

Product Highlights
-Waterproof & Fogproof
-Wide Angle
-Roof Prism
-6.8° Angle of View
-Made in Germany


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